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Nikki Edwards


Nikki Edwards Certified Health Coach

NIkki’s childhood passions are reflected today at Whole Health, in her priorities as Health Coach. 

Always outside, climbing and falling out of trees, Nikki was a wild child. She enjoyed foraging for wild plants and concocting interesting soups and stews. Her favorite ingredients? Mud, rocks, and twigs… a combination really adding that special touch!  

Now, with improved ingredients, cooking delicious nutrient-dense meals to feed and fuel the physical body, as well as the soul, remains one of her life-long passions!  

Her parents were part of their church’s youth staff, and Nikki ran around the youth hall helping her mom and dad with the small projects they gave her. Sometimes, she sat with the older teenagers, teaching them life lessons, and giving relationship advice. 

Today, Nikki still prioritizes developing meaningful relationships and speaking life and encouragement into the hearts of others. 

Nikki met Dr. Manso, the founder of Whole Health Houston, at 15 years old and remembers him explicitly because he told her she was full of “caca”. She found it refreshing that a medical provider told it like it was. 

Eight years later in early 2016 Nikki joined the Whole Health Staff as a medical scribe for Dr. Wells. Through this position, she discovered her passion for integrative and functional medicine. She learned through observation how to use natural and instinctive modalities such as, diet, inner healing, and cutting-edge therapies to help those who are suffering with chronic disease. Sitting in the corner of Dr. Wells’ office, Nikki typed her notes, and watched in awe at how she approached disease.  The subsequent transformation in her patients’ lives energized her. It became her obsession and she decided she wanted to do more. 

Early 2018 Nikki amicably departed from Whole Health to pursue ministry. She became a certified integrative health coach, and is also certified in SOZO, a Holy Spirit led prayer for inner healing, forgiveness, and deliverance.  

Currently, Nikki and her husband Alex pastor the youth at their home church, Celebration of Life.  

As your Health Coach, Nikki will partner with you in your lifestyle struggles and help you work through obstacles along the way. Whether it is weight loss, a good night’s sleep, following the doctor’s orders, breaking unhealthy habits, or finally reaching a specific long-term goal, she is here for you!  

Nikki believes in working with the WHOLE person, body, mind, and spirit. She wants to help you balance in each area of your life. She is committed to creating a safe space for you to be your authentic self, free of judgment. Nikki works closely with the providers at Whole Health Houston to offer you consistent care, encouragement, and on-going coaching to help you succeed.   

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