New Patient Packages

Begin your story of wellness...

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We are investigative diagnosticians and skilled practitioners of Functional Medicine.

We diagnose and treat a wide variety of disease and dysfunction.  

Whether your symptoms are common or complex, our commitments are to:

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We offer different packages to match your level of need.  Confused?  Don’t worry, we’ll help guide your selection during your free 15-minute phone consultation with our patient advocate.  

Paths for New Patients

Healing Path
Adult Wellness
Pediatric Wellness

Elective follow-up costs:

Service or Product


Follow-up Medical consults $8 per minute, $300 average.
Follow-up Nutrition Consults $4 per minute, $120 average.
Follow-up Blood Work $200 - $500
Additional Specialty Tests $300 - $600
Prescription Refill Requests $15 per request