April 2019

The canvas of Earth during the season of Spring is a beautiful picture.  Trees are leafing, flowers are blooming, grass is greening, and birds are returning.  Spring is practically synonymous with Renewal.  You might even find yourself observing the great outdoors and thinking, “I want some of that renewal mojo. I want to re-enter my vibrant season.  I don’t want to be stagnant or dying.  I want fresh energy and new growth!”  

Indeed, renewal is attractive and contagious.  Who of you with a desk job has not said at least once in the past month, “Hey, can we move our office outside for the day?  It’s just so perfect out there.”  Similarly, if you’ve experienced a person with a renewed spirit you may have been drawn to that person and likely found yourself wanting to have whatever that person had for breakfast.  So, how can you YOU experience renewal?

Renewal often initiates by shedding an old form, old habits, or general unhealthiness.  Like a caterpillar that sheds its last skin to reveal the transformative chrysalis, maybe you need to shed something to experience your own transformation.  May I suggest you start by addressing the stressors in your life?  Reducing or mitigating stress will go a long way toward your renewal.  My beloved, Dr Wells, gives an in-depth look at the physiology of stress in this month’s featured post.  Read it, incorporate what you learn into your life, and then like the caterpillar, emerge as a renewed creation ready to take flight. 

Yours in health,    

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Paul Wells, Ph.D.

President of Whole Health Center Houston

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to boost the immune system and to be beneficial in treating a wide variety of medical conditions, but did you know that the highest concentration of Vitamin C stored in the body is in the adrenal glands?  That’s likely because it plays a key role in modulating your body’s response to stress via an interaction with cortisol that is not well understood.  Research suggests that those Vitamin C stores are rapidly depleted when your stress is elevated.  So, if you’re stressed, you are well advised to ramp up your vitamin C intake.

The internet is replete with information about Vitamin C, but we found this article to give a good cursory overview.  Give it a read, and feel free to shoot us any questions.    
Boost your adrenals with this amazing recipe from TheWholeJourney.com.  Blend it up into a delicious creamsicle, shake it up in a blender bottle, or pour into popsicle molds and freeze (kids LOVE it).  This will help pull you out of metabolic chaos!
Nutritional IV

Our Nutritional IV is a modified and enhanced form of the Myer’s Cocktail. The Myer’s Cocktail was originally formulated by John Myers, MD, a pioneer in IV nutrient therapy, in the late 1950s.  He found it a useful tool in his toolbox for dealing with a wide range of clinical conditions. We wholeheartedly concur! 

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Our Nutritional IV is beneficial for nearly everyone, and it can be customized for your specific needs.  Check this link to see how it compares to the more known Myer’s Cocktail and for a brief list of conditions it treats.  
Buy them now, use them within six months.  You won’t find nutritional IVs of this caliber for this low of a price anywhere else in the country, but this is for a limited time.  Nearly everyone will benefit from periodic, routine Nutritional IVs, so stock up now while you can! (Yes, you can buy more than one bundle)

Emotions and physiology are more closely related than we often think.  As a holistic center for healing medical and nutrition problems, we try to look at ALL angles.  Sometimes, that includes addressing deep-seated issues like unforgiveness or unhealed emotional wounds from the past,  And this being Stress Awareness month, think of how emotions, stress, and diet can drag one another down in a vicious cycle that leaves you feeling hopeless and “unrenewable”.  These are some of the reasons we refer patients to EVOX therapy.  This month we are delighted to feature ineedpeace.com as one of our partner providers.  Watch the video to learn how an innovative biofeedback therapy, EVOX, may be able to help you heal.