V.I.P. Wellness Community



Why we created the VIP Wellness Community

God created us for community.  We were designed to need support from one another, and conversely, we find fulfillment when we play a part in meeting someone else’s need.

Here at Whole Health Houston, we understand the incredible value of being in community with one another.  Our medical approach is often described as Integrative, which literally means “to serve to connect separate things”.  Medically, we connect many therapies to restore and optimize your wellness, but we also desire to more fully connect you to us as well as to one another.

Through the VIP Wellness Community, more than the following will be yours:

  • Consistent support in walking along your health journey
  • Increased scheduling flexibility
  • Enhanced Patient Portal interaction and response
  • Dependable costs that are inclusive and stable from year-to-year
  • Unique opportunities to connect with others, either by age or by health goals.

It is our privilege to come alongside you in your goals to achieve Whole Health!

VIP Benefits

Priority Scheduling


We are a small clinic, and appointments are often booked several weeks out.  As part of the Community, you’ll have access to time slots we have set aside every week just for you.  No more long waits to get in!

Expanded Portal Support

Portal messages take time to answer, and our standard policy limits the extent of an answer we will give without requiring a consult.  As a member of the VIP Health Community, if your question can be answered without a consult, it WILL be answered without a consult.  

Routine Medical Visits


Take some of the guess work out of your yearly medical bill.  You will have up to four medical consults for anything from well-checks to sick visits.  Use them how you want, and when you want.  

Routine Nutrition Consults


Nutrition and diet are the areas where we find people need the most accountability and ongoing support.  With up to four visits with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist you will have the support you need to stay on track.  

Comprehensive Labs

Stay on top of your health status by measuring key markers.  Yearly labs include: Thyroid Panel, CBC, CMP, GGT, D 25, Urinalysis, Hemoglobin A1C, CRP, and, Ferritin.  

EKG Screening

Most adults are well served to have an EKG performed yearly to catch early signs of cardiovascular issues.  

Free InBody Reports


Never second guess what you’re made of.  Hop on our InBody as often as you like to check your body composition.  Normally priced at $25 per session, you get them at no additional cost!

Member-Only Mixers


Join us at our semi-annual member-only wine & dine gatherings in the club room.  Meet and mix with others who align with your beliefs about medicine.  Share stories, exchange ideas, and learn.  There is great strength in community! 

Priority Event Registration


Space is limited in our clubroom, where we host special talks and guests.  Don’t miss out on getting a seat!  As a member of the V.I.P. Health Community you will have early access to registration.

Prescription Refill Requests

Refill requests are not a simple matter.  They can take significant time from our providers and our standard policy is to charge for them.  For members of our VIP Community, they are free.  

Document Preparation

Release forms, doctor’s notes, and other miscellaneous forms normally incur a charge for the provider’s time in preparing them.  VIP Community members get them at no additional cost.   

10% Discount at Our Store

Save on every supplement and product, every time you shop, in our office or online.  And this savings can be combined with most other promotions we run throughout the year!   
All-Inclusive Price:
** Must be an established patient of Whole Health Center Houston to join the VIP Health Community.  Fee for first year of membership must be paid in one installment.  Subsequent years are payable in monthly installments of $299, or a single installment of $3,299.  Membership fee is subject to change from year to year.