Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Policies

Do you accept insurance?

The short answer is ‘No’.  However, if you have out-of-network coverage then we can give you a proper form to submit to your insurance company for re-imbursement.  We cannot guarantee coverage, so please speak with your insurance representative.  Please click HERE for a more thorough explanation of our thoughts on this topic. 

Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP?

No.  Our providers have opted out of the Medicare/Medicaid program.  If you are under Medicare, in particular, we are required by law to have you sign a Medicare Opt-Out acknowledgement form saying you understand you none of the services rendered to you by our clinic are submittable for re-imbursement.

What are your fees for New Patients?

Your fee will depend on the type of visit.  Most of our patients come in under our Whole Health Evaluation, which costs either $399 or $549, depending on the provider.  If you are coming for our Nutrition and Diet Services, your cost is $199. Well-child exams are done for $225.  Finally, evaluations for those wishing only to get IVs are done for $199.

All fees listed above are for the Consultation only.  Any labs, services, or products purchased during your visit will be additional.   

How do you charge for visits after the new patient evaluation?

Follow-up visits with any of our providers are billed per minute.  Rates are the same for in-office and phone consults.  You are only billed for the time you are with the provider.  Hence, time spent during check-in, check-out, etc are not billed.  The rates, as of October 2018, are as follows:

Dr Valeska Wells — $6 per minute

Jason Gourlas, MPAS PA-C — $5 per minute

Erin Gussler, MS RDN LD CLT — $3 per minute

Do you offer payment plans?

No, we do not.  Payment in full is expected at the time of service.  We accept all major credit cards, and you can use your HSA and Flex accounts here as well.  

On-Boarding of New Patients

What is the process to become a patient?

The process is straight-forward.  First, fill out our patient inquiry form HERE. Next, we call you for a brief Q&A and information-gathering conversation. And then we schedule your first visit and ask you to fill out some questionnaires online.

What ages do you accept in you practice?

All ages are welcome to apply.  Because we are specialists in Functional and Integrative Medicine, and our services are needed for people spanning all ages, we do not have rigid age restrictions.  We are not geriatricians or pediatricians, however, so in cases that require highly specialized care in those fields, we may refer you elsewhere.

How long is the wait to get in?

This varies according to many factors, but in general Dr Wells is scheduled out five or six weeks.  Appointments with Jason or Erin can generally be accommodated within two weeks.  

Will you collaborate with my other provider(s)?

To the extent that our providers are able, we are more than willing to work with outside providers as part of your comprehensive care team.  We see many patients with complex, multi-faceted illnesses that require many angles of attack, so-to-speak.  We have even collaborated with physicians from other countries to round out our care.  

To this end, our providers will communicate with your other providers by whatever means necessary if/when needed.  But please be advised that time spent by our providers for your care may be billed to you at the normal per-minute rate for consultations.    

Intravenous Therapies

Do you take walk-ins for IV therapy?

To receive IV therapy you must established a relationship with our clinic. For those not requiring extensive medical evaluation and diagnosis, we offer an expedited route for establishing care via our IV Evaluation.  You can learn more, and submit a form to establish care, by visiting our Getting Started page.  

Once established, we still require that you schedule your IVs so that we can adequately prepare, but same-day appointments are usually available.