Intravenous (I.V.) Therapies


I.V. Therapy at Whole Health Houston


Potency and efficacy of vitamin and mineral supplementation is generally improved by intravenous delivery.  

IV therapies have proven beneficial for a number of conditions, including vitamin deficiency, athletic exhaustion, skin problems, heavy metal burden, etc.  Because they are generally safe, many IV therapies can be administered on an elective basis (without a thorough medical work-up).  Others will require a more thorough workup by the physcian before they can be administered.  

The Whole Health Difference

At Whole Health Center Houston we pay significantly more for high quality vitamins and minerals that are free from preservatives whenever possible.  We have successfully administered thousands of I.V. therapies without any serious complications, and with many satisfied customers.  We do all of this while maintaining some of the lowest prices in the region.   

Getting Started

For some cases, I.V. treatment will be recommended to you as part of your healing regimen when you visit our clinic for a Whole Health Evaluation.  

Otherwise, many IV therapies can be administered on an elective basis (without a thorough medical work-up).  We support your right to receive these IV therapies, but we must evalute your general health to be sure your are medically fit to receive your desired IV.  Therefore we offer a more streamlined IV Therapy Evaluation so that you can get started on your therapy quickly, and with as little cost as possible.  

Click on the box below to fill out the intake form and we will be in touch soon to schedule your evaluation.  

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Conditions Treatable by IV Therapy

Recovery from Athletic Exhaustion

Immune Balance and Support

Anti-Aging Treatments

Skin-Lightening and/or Rejuvenation

General Prevention and Wellness

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Lyme Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

Epstein-Barr Virus (mono)

Heavy Metal Burden


Digestive Disorders



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)