HCG Promotion - 2019


Meet your 2019 weight loss goals with our affordable HCG program.

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The program is a 3-week to 6-week low-calorie diet combined with the HCG hormone (either via shots or homeopathic drops) to help your body lose weight while diminishing symptoms of hunger, low energy, poor mood, and fatigue.  Key to the program are the weekly check-in meetings with our dietitian, Erin Gussler, who personally instructs you on the diet, monitors your progress, and helps transition to your optimal long-term diet.   

Start our HCG program in January and we will give you your choice of the DesBio Appetite Control or HCH Vitality.


About HGH Vitality:

This homeopathic formulation provides 26 ingredients for healthy aging and supports neurological, cardiovascular, and hormone balance. HGH Vitality contains homeopathic human growth hormone to help naturally regulate HGH levels with minimal side effects. This formula was designed to help offset the decline of HGH and changes in estrogen and testosterone that naturally occur with age. Recommended for patients over 50 while completing the Evolution Weight-Management Program to help maintain lean body mass and promote optimal body composition.

Appetite Control

About Appetite Control:

Appetite is not always physical—many people feel hungry or experience cravings when they are under stress or otherwise emotionally impaired. DesBio’s Appetite Control was formulated with several homeopathic ingredients that have been used traditionally to address the emotional issues related to appetite, cravings, and hunger. Appetite Control can be used in conjunction with the Evolution Weight-Management Program diet phase or during the maintenance and normalization phases to provide additional support for these emotional issues.