Nutritional Counseling



Conditions Treatable with our Nutrition Programs



Weight Loss

High cholesterol


Infant nutrition and food introductions


Food allergies

Food intolerances

GI issues including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, acid reflux


Fertility and pre-pregnancy nutrition

Methylation support

Immune support

Sleep support

Brain support- ADD, ADHD, brain fog, anxiety, depression

Vitamin and mineral analysis



Healthy balanced diets- you don’t have to have anything wrong with you to get a nutrition check-up to make sure your diet is serving you well for optimal long term health

What is the Whole Nutrition Evaluation?

Nutrition is a corner-stone for many of our treatment recommendations at Whole Health Center Houston, and in many cases customized nutrition is the only obstacle between you and whole health.  Perhaps you’ve had success with a particular diet in the past, but it no longer works.  Or maybe you have intermittant problems with your health and you wonder if it could be related to your diet.  You may even have a chronic condition that has not responded well to medical interventions, but may be very responsive to nutrition-oritented interventions.  Whatever your situation is, with our Whole Nutrition Evaluation our registered dietitian and nutritionist will address your concerns, and then she will hold your hand and guide you through the dizzying array of dietary and lifestyle choices you make every day to help you achieve your goals and heal!  

What's Included

Comprehensive evaluation and consultation with our registered dietitian 

Basic lab panel to establish a good baseline for certain nutritional markers (hemoglobin A1C, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel, and urinalysis)

What is the Cost of the Evaluation?

The cost of the Whole Nutrition Evalution is $199**, payable in full at the time of your first visit.  We understand that you probably haven’t met our dietitian, and you really don’t know if we’re a good fit for you.  Therefore, our guarantee is that if you come for your initial visit and you don’t feel like we’re able to help or if you don’t like our clinic for some other reason, we’ll graciously refer you elsewhere and there will be no charge.

Getting Started!


Our Whole Nutrition Support Program is a membership-like offering, which benefits you by allowing ongoing access to our dietitian and periodic assessment of your general health.  It is perfect for the person who wants an expert opinion on what should be on their next grocery list, what kinds of exercise compliment your current diet, or many other lifestyle and diet topics.  

With this Program, you will get:

  • Two one-on-one consults per month, by phone or in-person
  • On-going support via our electronic patient portal.  Ask questions and get answers quickly
  • Re-check of basic labs every 6 months++

​++Complimentary labs are drawn once for every 6 months of paid membership.  The months do not need to be consecutive.  For example, if you chose to participate every other month, then it would take you 12 full months to be eligible for the complimentary lab draw. 


We offer this tremendous value at only $150** per month!  We sincerely hope that many of our patients will try this offering, and experience an improved quality of life.   The Support Program runs on a month-to-month basis, so there is no commitment to a long-term contract.  You can try it for one month, and then drop it again if it’s not working out.  

**Please note that labs and other ancillary services or procedures are NOT included.  For our nutrition packages, these could include specialty labs to get a more comprehensive measure of your health, or even nutritional I.V.s.  They will only be offered to you if our dietitian feels they are helpful or necessary, but you will always have the option to know the prices beforehand and to say “no”. We will not surprise you with hidden charges! 


“Nutrition should be more than just ‘another diet’,
but about healing and wellness from the inside out.
I will teach you to not only love food, but to eat food
(and enjoy food) that loves you back.”

-Erin Gusher, RDN, LD