Our Founder and History


Our Founder and History


Our clinic was founded as The Whole Health Center in the 1980’s by Dr. Gilbert Manso, MD.  

Dr. Manso grew up in Cuba, and later practiced medicine in Asia and Europe, becoming familiar with many effective forms of natural healing.  Nevertheless, until 1980, he practiced mostly the Western, American Medical Association type of medicine that he was taught at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

In the early 1980′s an extremely knowledgeable expert in natural healing and nutrition came to work with Dr. Manso by divine providence. She patiently and skillfully guided him through books, seminars and workshops in natural healing. She helped him to network with the right people, and taught him on a daily basis. She also introduced him to the Bible. The Scriptures rapidly transformed his philosophy, his medical practice, and his life.

The results were gratifying, so he immersed himself in the study and practice of alternative medicine and the Scriptures. He was pleased to offer his patients the most effective methods of Western as well as Alternative Medicine during his last three decades of practice, during which time the practice underwent a series of alterations and relocations, always keeping the core values in tact. 

In the summer of 2013, Dr. Manso invited Dr. Valeska Wells to come on board as an associate.  Dr. Wells had always been an advocate and student of integrative medicine, and with help of Dr. Manso’s tutelege, along with additional training, she became a highly sought after practitioner of integrative medicine.  

In June of 2014, Dr. Manso sold The Whole Health Center to Dr Valeska Wells and her husband, Paul.  The Wells changed the name of the practice to Whole Health Center Houston, and commissioned a complete re-branding and website re-design.  

In April of 2017, after 47 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Gilbert Manso chose to hang up his stethoscope and enjoy his remaining years or decades in the much-deserved state of retirement.   

Though Dr. Manso is no longer part of the practice, his legacy of compassionate and comprehensive integrative care remains.  Whole Health Center Houston is growing, modernizing, and adding even more services to meet the needs of our diverse patient population.   Indeed, we are quickly becoming one of the most comprehensive functional medicine clinics in the state of Texas, and we invite you to come and experience our brand of medicine!