Our Practice


We can evaluate, diagnose, and treat everything that general practitioners and family doctors can treat.  Although we can use conventional medical tests and prescriptions (when needed or requested), we prefer to use natural and non-invasive alternatives whenever possible (for more on our treatment methods, see ‘Our Philosophy’).

We are a down-to-earth, back-to-the-basics group that practices medicine in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of old times.  This means that

  • we review each case before each visit.  We make sure the lab reports and other data are in the proper place and ready. We then consult with each other as to the best course of action. By the time the patient comes in, we’re totally ready and considerable amount of work has been done behind the scene, for free.
  • we spend quality time with you, the patient, so that we understand the bigger picture of your health. We want a holistic view of your health so we can develop a holistic approach to healing.
  • we work WITH you to develop a plan that will address ALL of your concerns.
  • we pray for you. During the daily chart rounds all of the doctors and medical students together pray for each patient coming in that day.

Though our approach borrows elements from decades past, we are at the forefront of medical technology.  This includes

  • computerized medical records We use a full-featured electronic medical records (EMR) system, which allows for more thorough documentation of every encounter and more easily shared medical records with the patient and referring providers. It also allows our doctors to more easily reference your clinical history, saving time and reducing errors.  
  • a full-featured patient portal.  You will have 24/7 access to your visit summaries, lab results, your lists of medications and supplements, online appointment scheduling, secure messaging with our providers, easy prescription re-fill requests, and more!
  • secure data storage.  All of your patient data is stored securely and in an encrypted manner so you do not have to worry about prying eyes.  It is also backed up routinely so that your data will not be lost.

Holistic and Integrative Medicine

In addition to the regularly accepted AMA and TMB methods, we often use diagnostic and treatment methods that are known as complementary, alternative or integrative.  Some of these methods have not been accepted by consensus mainstream medicine.

The term “Alternative Medicine” is often used by the general public and some healthcare practitioners to refer to medical techniques which are not known or accepted by the majority “conventional” or “allopathic” medical practitioners (usually MD’s). Such techniques could include noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques such as Medical Herbalism, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, and many others. However, the term Alternative Medicine can also refer to any experimental drug or non-drug technique that is not currently accepted by “conventional” medical practitioners. As noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques become popular and accepted by large number of “conventional” practitioners, these techniques will no longer be considered Alternative Medicine. Even the definition of “conventional practitioners” is quickly changing.

The term “Complementary Medicine” is often used by “conventional” medical practitioners to refer to noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques used as a complement to “conventional” medical treatments such as drugs and surgery. The term implies that “conventional” medicine is used as a primary tool and the noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques are used as a supplement when needed. In many cases, properly chosen noninvasive and non-pharmaceutical healing techniques plus properly chosen lifestyle changes can completely and safely heal both acute and chronic illnesses. In other cases, “conventional” medicine is only needed in emergencies or when the safer noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical methods fail. In some cases “conventional” medicine will be a major part of an Integrative Healing Plan, but in some cases it is not needed at all.

“Integrative Medicine” seeks to combine the best of both conventional and complementary medicine to address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness. Integrative Medicine physicians are medical doctors who are trained in both conventional and alternative therapies who value the principles of integrative medicine and will professionally guide patients through the various health care systems and treatment options.

Some of the characteristic qualities of Integrative Medicine that are used in our practice include:

  1. A person’s lifestyle including his or her diet, exercise patterns, sleep habits, stresses and interpersonal relationships are believed to be directly related to the development and maintenance of illness. Integrative medicine evaluates these factors and seeks to help the patient give up negative life style patterns and establish more positive ones regardless of age or type of medical problem.
  2. Although prescription and over-the-counter medications are used when the physician believes they are necessary, an attempt is first made to use products that are natural to the body. These include nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and herbs which may not have been studied or accepted by consensus mainstream medicine.
  3. Because we look for imbalances in the body and for trends that may result in illness if not addressed, we sometimes order tests that may be considered by consensus mainstream medicine to be either unnecessary or of no value. These may include tests for nutritional status, such as blood levels or functional vitamin or mineral tests, hormonal levels or tests for allergies.
  4. We believe that environmental factors may play a major role in health and disease. Some of the diseases of unknown cause may be triggered or perpetuated by common environmental substances, many of which are man-made. Individuals may vary greatly in their susceptibility to various substances, so that one individual may be made deathly ill by an exposure to a substance while another is not at all affected. We attempt to identify offending substances and help patients to detoxify from past exposures that are affecting them.
  5. We believe in the mind-body-spirit connection in bringing about wellness and preventing and dealing with illness. Consequently, part of our program may involve recommendations for counseling, meditation or psychotherapy.
  6. Exercise is extremely important in maintaining health and promoting wellness as well as helping one to recover from an illness. Graded exercise, both aerobic and stretching, is encouraged for most patients.
  7. We sometimes use medications that are approved by the FDA to treat a condition for which the FDA has not approved the medication. Perhaps the best example is our use of EDTA chelation therapy to treat conditions other than lead poisoning.

Our Philosophy

We are a Christian-owned practice, therefore much of our philosophy stems from our belief in God as our Creator. However, we are not exclusive to Christians.  Rather, we invite people of all faiths and beliefs to experience our brand of holistic healing.

Our main tenets can be summed up as follows:

We recognize that all of creation is amazingly complex, and that our bodies have an inherent ability to heal themselves more completely and more definitively than any man-made intervention. Our treatments attempt to facilitate these inherent healing processes by bringing the body back into balance through proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, osteopathic manual therapy, and many other treatment modalities.

We embrace science and evidence-based medicine.  Though we endeavor to use natural remedies preferentially, we understand that God often works through mankind (both Christians and non-Christians) to accomplish His goals.  We are not strictly opposed to using prescription drugs or invasive procedures if that is the patient’s preference or if we believe it is the most effective treatment.  

We believe in identifying and treating the root cause of illness and disease.  Symptoms are normally indicative of a larger underlying problem, which is often the result of chronic mal-nutrition or other correctable factors that can be addressed naturally.  

We support our patients’ rights to choose.  Our providers believe in educating and therefore empowering patients to make an informed decision regarding treatment.  We will work within our abilities and within your desires to treat you.  If we feel you will be treated more effectively elsewhere, then we will not hesitate to refer you. We also encourage consultations with consensus mainstream medicine practitioners and use of any other means that a person feels he needs to help him decide about health issues.