Preventative Care

Nourishing Movement

Exercise is good for us.  There are numerous studies extolling its benefits. Understandably, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more.  However, for some, exercise is a four-letter word.  We know that it’s good for us, but it can be boring, tedious, time-consuming, or downright painful.  Some might even have a genetic propensity to hate it. Thankfully, your genes aren’t your destiny and perhaps it’s time for a new perspective in the new year.

Interplay of Obesity and Sleep

Perhaps I should have started with these issues as they are more straight-forward, but I am roughly going in order of what is most common (although, by no means creating a comprehensive list).  As you will see, understanding how hormones, stress and circadian rhythms work (see Part 1 if you missed it) will help you understand just how serious the #1 obesity-related sleep problem is!

The Influenza Vaccine

Every year as the cold and flu season approaches, panic is peddled, and angst arises - patients frequently ask me whether or not they should get the influenza vaccine.   This year I decided to publish my response.  Vaccination is a highly charged subject, ranking right up there with religion and politics.  The decision to vaccinate is a personal choice. My personal choice based on the evidence is to not get it. Let’s dig a little deeper to see why that’s the case.

8 Tips for Immune Health

With the kids back in school and the winter months fast approaching, it is time to take a look at ways to boost immune health and decrease the risk of illness during cold and flu season.