Insurance-Free Medicine


We do not contract with insurance carriers, and therefore we cannot bill insurance for any of our services.  We are also opted-out of Medicare and Medicaid.  

At WHCH we use the term insurance-free, because medicine that is practiced free from insurance allows more freedoms in the way we approach your unique concerns, and ultimately frees us to provide substantially greater value.  

Our direct-pay practice may be different than what you are used to, and we understand your apprehension.  The truth is, if we could find a way to provide the level of care and attentiveness that we do within the parameters of insurance, we would do it in a heartbeat.   

Here are some key points to consider:

Insurance-free medicine puts you, the patient, in the driver's seat

Your path for healing is very personal, and should be laid out by you and the doctor.  And then you should be free to embark on that path without having to consider the intracacies of insurance-reimbursements.  

Insurance-free costs may be lower than your deductibles

Health care costs continue to rise, and deductibles for some people have skyrocketed.  It's not uncommon to see deductibles in excess of $6,000.  So whether you go to a clinic that accepts insurance, or you come to one like ours, your out-of-pocket expenses may be comparable up to the limit of your deductible.

Your number of visits can be dramatically reduced in an insurance-free practice

Insurance generally offers higher re-imbursement rates to a clinic if a patient's medical complaints are spread out over multiple visits.  Therefore a person with several complaints will be forced into into paying multiple co-pays (direct costs) and scheduling multiple visits (time is money).  In our practice, we are free to address all of your medical concerns during a single visit.  

An insurance-free plan for health and healing is more comprehensive and holistic

Because we can look at your entire health story in a single visit, we can develop a much more comprehensive plan for healing that takes everything into account.  This holistic approach to medicine is almost impossible to do in an insurance-based practice.  

Insurance reimbursments often don't apply to natural and holistic treatments

Unfortunately, choosing a more natural approach to healing often means foregoing your insurance benefits.  Insurance is structured with conventional medicine at its core, and therefore many of the recommendations we make for treatment are not covered by insurance anyway.  

Over 80% of our patients have insurance, and yet they still choose us

We think it speaks volumes for the level of care we offer at Whole Health when the majority of our patients choose to pay out-of-pocket to visit our clinic when they could have more easily gone the conventional route.  

You can use your Health Savings Accounts and FLEX Spending Accounts here!

Because we are a medical clinic with licensed physicians, expenses at Whole Health Center Houston are considered eligible for coverage.