Joint Pain & Arthritis

There are many causes of arthritis, and some are very easily diagnosed and treated.

For example, high uric acid is a common cause of arthritis, that can easily be diagnosed with a blood test, and successfully treated with diet.

Reactive arthritis is another type that can be almost identical to rheumatoid arthritis, but it is due to a particular food allergy or a hidden infection such as a root canal or intestinal parasites.

Mineral imbalances are also common causes of arthritis, the most prevalent is high calcium. We pinpoint the cause of the arthritis by the use of one or more of the following tests:

  • Hair Analysis
  • Food Allergy blood test
  • Complete Metabolic Profile
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Rheumatoid Panel
  • The treatment, using natural products, is usually fairly easy, once the cause is established.

A Metabolic Approach

Arthritis is not, in a true sense, a disease, but rather a symptom of inflamed joints, the cause of which can be due to a variety of factors.

First of all, an extensive range of nutrient deficiencies and excesses are involved in the causation of joint problems. Commonly involved nutrient deficiencies are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, vitamins B, C, D and F. How effectively the thyroid and adrenal glands are functioning is also related to the various causes of arthritis.

Fast Oxidation and Arthritis

Fast oxidation refers to an excessive rate of metabolism, characterized by overactive thyroid and adrenal gland function. The effect of overactive thyroid and adrenal gland function is almost the exact opposite of that found in fast oxidation. Slow oxidation is characterized by under active thyroid and adrenal gland activity, the result of which, is a loss of sodium and potassium from the body tissues. Since sodium and potassium are mineral solvents, i.e., maintain minerals in solution, as their levels decline, calcium and magnesium begin to pathologically accumulate in various body tissues. An excessive accumulation of calcium in the body is referred to as bio-unavailable, because it is not in an ionized form and accumulates where it should not be, in various soft tissues of the body, such as the joints. The end result of calcium deposition in the joints is arthritis.

The tissues of the body of the slow oxidizer also become relatively more alkaline (as opposed to acidic in the fast oxidizer), which favors precipitation of calcium in such undesirable locations as joints and arteries.

Thus, one basic cause of arthritis in the slow oxidizer is mineral deposition. Mineral deposition may also occur in fast oxidation, but is much more common in slow oxidation states and the end result is usually osteo-arthritis.

Slow oxidation, due principally to adrenal exhaustion, also causes other changes in the body to occur.

Copper frequently begins to accumulate, due to inadequate production of ceruloplasmin, a major copper-binding protein. Also the body may raise copper levels to help maintain falling sodium levels. While copper is essential for protein formation, an excess of tissue copper causes dissolution and liquefaction of protein structures, and is a major causative factor in degeneration of joint structures. Thus, it is that malfunction of protein metabolism which plays a vital role in contributing to arthritis in the slow oxidizer. An elevated tissue copper level also favors the destruction of vitamin C, another nutrient essential for collagen formation and joint structures.

As the metabolic rate continues to slow down, other minerals are improperly metabolized. As a result of this slow down, iron, zinc and manganese also may accumulate in the joints causing stiffness and pain.

Specific Biochemical Indicators of Arthritis on a Hair Analysis Chart

Cadmium and Lead. Research indicates that cadmium and lead drive calcium out of the bones. Since calcium plays a major role in the integrity of the joints, the presence of cadmium and/or lead, as determined by a hair analysis chart, is highly indicative of a trend toward arthritis.

Iron Toxicity and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Excess iron is known to deposit in the joints, resulting in an inflammation of the joints. An elevated iron reading is thus an indicator of a possible trend toward arthritis.

Elevated Sodium to Potassium Ratio and Arthritis. Arthritis is intimately associated with inflammation. An elevated sodium to potassium ratio is an indicator of the pro-inflammatory hormones (represented by sodium) over the anti-inflammatory hormones (represented by potassium), as determined by hair analysis. This is commonly manifested in inflammation of the joints. Individuals with a low sodium/potassium ratio are most likely to be those who awaken with stiffness, which gradually improves as the day goes on. Physical activity for these individuals enhances adrenal gland secretion of cortisone, which has an anti-inflammatory affect and thereby reduces their stiffness and pain.

Calcium to Magnesium Ratio and Arthritis. Magnesium acts to help keep calcium in solution. An imbalance in the calcium to magnesium ratio is thus an indicator of a trend toward arthritis.

Zinc to Copper Ratio and Arthritis. Both zinc and copper are necessary in balanced quantities for protein synthesis.

Excess copper and a zinc deficiency are a possible cause of arthritis.

Stress and Arthritis. Acute stress can result in an inflammatory reaction, which can result in arthritis. Many factors can be the source of stress, such as a change in weather, change in diet, fatigue, emotional conflicts, etc.

A Complex Interaction of Factors May Be Responsible for Any Case of Arthritis

Generally, we find that a combination of the above factors frequently contribute to pushing a person beyond his or her defensive homeostatic threshold; the end result is arthritis.

As an illustration, arthritis could have its beginnings in a zinc deficiency, due to an acute stress, such as an illness or emotional conflict. The zinc deficiency may persist because the diet is deficient in zinc. As a result, the body begins to absorb cadmium to replace zinc at certain mineral binding sites. Calcium begins to dissolve out of the body tissue reservoirs. A deficiency of zinc and the loss of calcium may now contribute to arthritis.

Multiple nutrient deficiencies may also be masked by complex compensating mechanisms so that correction is often a slow process of undoing layers of toxic metal deposits and nutrient deficiencies, until restoration of joint structures becomes possible.

A new understanding of some of the perplexing questions about arthritis…

Why does rheumatoid arthritis predominate in younger populations while osteoarthritis is more common in the elderly? 

The answer may lie in the fact that the factors which produce the rheumatoid-type arthritis, are more characteristically found in the biochemical state of fast oxidation.  Fast oxidation states are found much more commonly among younger individuals. Osteoarthritis is the primary result of deposition of minerals in the joints, and this type of arthritis is more commonly associated with slow oxidation types.  Slow oxidation is the more common oxidation state found in older people.

Why does a copper bracelet help some arthritis sufferers? 

While it is an old folk remedy, the copper bracelet does help some people with arthritis.  This phenomenon can be explained biochemically of the basis that enough copper is absorbed through the skin, thereby assisting in the retention of calcium in the bones, and can therefore assist in restoring joint integrity.  In addition, copper functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, and may in this manner reduce arthritic symptoms.

Why do remedies such as Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.) and apple cider vinegar help certain cases of arthritis? 

Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme, which detoxifies damaging superoxide radicals.  The enzyme S.O.D. requires copper and manganese to function efficiently.  When these minerals are deficient, there may be inadequate production of this important enzyme.  Rather than give the enzyme, a more permanent solution is to restore the deficient minerals so that the body will produce the proper amounts of this vitally important enzyme. Apple cider vinegar is an acidic substance that is high in potassium content.  Both these qualities of apple cider vinegar may temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the slow oxidizer type of arthritis.  The increased acidification of the body tissues helps to solubilize calcium deposits and potassium helps to dissolve calcium, and temporarily raise cortisone levels, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Is there a connection between the psychosomatic causes of arthritis and the known biochemical abnormalities? 

Several psychological characteristics of arthritic sufferers correlate directly with our biochemical findings in arthritis. Resentment is frequently associated with arthritic conditions.  Resentment is reflected on a hair analysis as a low sodium/potassium ratio, a ratio, which we frequently find in osteo-arthritic patients. A rigid personality is also frequently associated with arthritis.  On the hair analysis, the rigid personality is reflected often in very high calcium and magnesium readings.  This is a slow oxidation pattern that is characterized by calcium deposits in numerous tissues and organs.  High calcium and magnesium levels are another common finding in arthritis cases.

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Medical Scribe

Seema first came on almost 2 years ago to work for a separate company owned by the Wells’s. Her and her family have been patients of Dr. Wells at Whole Health for years so for her to find this opportunity was not a far stretch! Though she often works “on the other side”, because the two businesses are right next to each other, in her free time during work she has crossed over to help in a variety of ways whenever she has free time during the work day. She can be seen helping scribe for our providers when the need arises, helping with packing and shipping supplements as time allows, and many other little things. You can say that she is a jacquelyn-of-all-trades! Whichever role she is working in, she truly felt like “God was calling [her] to work at Whole Health” and it has abundantly been a blessing to both her and to us!

Seema graduated with an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Trinity University and she is currently studying and attending classes to apply for PA school. So to be in the jobs that she has been in, has been a great testimony that the Lord orchestrated her steps to have this experience already as she goes back to school! 

Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks, working outside on her family’s farm, reading, and doing yarn crafts.


Patient Advocate

As a former EMT and a relatively new Houstonian, when Wyatt first applied for the position, he applied to be a patient advocate. At the time, store and IV associate was in more need, so he was hired for that position. He graciously accepted the offer and served that position with a smile, always learning and striving to help patients and staff feel safe and at home. Both patients and staff alike soon grew to love his humor, friendliness, and heart. He has loved getting to know the patients and making those personable connections with them. Whether talking about sad and hard to take news, obnoxious conspiracy theories, snake bites, or just friendly conversation, he has enjoyed developing those relationships with both patients and staff alike. 

After working at that position for a little over a year, his original intent to be a patient advocate came true! He has transitioned seamlessly and helps patients with even greater intentionality, heart, and personableness as before. Like Michelle, he is another bridge from provider to patient when questions need to be answered. He has enjoyed being a part of each patient’s health journey and their path to healing.

When his boots aren’t striding in the office, you will find him, his wife, and three boys loving the outdoors. They enjoy camping (the true, primitive kind), hiking, and hunting. He loves connecting with God’s nature and creation. He also loves to play board games and host game nights with friends.

Patricia "Pat"

Lab Reports and Relations Specialist

When Pat and her husband first moved to Orlando in 2012, her husband encouraged her to follow after her dreams. She had desired to do something in the medical field for years. She was intrigued by how you can find out so much about a person by their blood. She got her Phlebotomy certificate and started working at a hospital.

In 2017, her husband went to Houston to help with the Hurricane Harvey clean up. He felt like that there was where they were supposed to be, so she started looking for a job. She really wanted to be in a doctor’s office where she could learn, and also be able to share God’s love with others. After several months of looking, and much prayer, God opened a door for her to become a phlebotomist with the Whole Health team. In her years she has worked in the office, she has not only learned so much, but she has been able to enjoy ministering to patients whether it was treating them, listening to their story, or simply just loving on them. From children to adults, she was adored by many.

In November 2021, her and her husband felt called to move back to Florida, this time to North Ft Myers, to pastor a church. Though working remotely, she still contributes tremendously to the practice. She does the practical job of filing faxes, labs, and so forth, as well as does research for some treatments. However, she still fulfills the ministering part of her job by mailing cards to patients in need of a prayer, word of encouragement, or just a simple Happy Birthday.

She loves being a mom and a grandma and adores spending time with her children and grandchildren!



Front Receptionist

Coming from being a receptionist at car dealerships, she was introduced to our practice through her friend, Meg Hanley, who just so happened to be one of our providers! Seeking for a fresh start on a new job path, Kayleb took the opportunity to become a front receptionist with us.

Being a receptionist is no small job and she has been thriving greatly! From getting patient appointments set up for the day, talking to patients, relaying calls to the right person, and checking people in, she has done it with such thoroughness, care, and a smile. She has loved creating personable relationships with the patients she interacts with. She has also enjoyed getting to know her co-workers as well. Her words, “best work environment I’ve come to know”.

Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with family, going to the beach, and traveling.

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Billing & Accounts Specialist

In Mariela’s first year with us, she started off as our front receptionist. Through her experience then, she found her niche in handling billing and accounts for our patients, thus bore the role that she has today. While that is her primary job, she is still always willing to lend a hand in checking in or checking out patients or any other small task when things get backed up. Whichever job she is doing, she always makes an effort to make our patients’ experience as personable and comfortable as possible. 

Before joining us, she has done a wide array of jobs over the years and even attended ministry school (fun fact)! The dynamic skills and experience she has acquired in those environments has shaped her in who she is today. She loves her work family and to be able to work in a Christian-centric environment, where she continually is being shaped into the beautiful human being she is.

In her spare time, she enjoys time with her dog, Oreo, watching funny videos, and listening to her favorite music artists (her favorite being Michael Bublé).


Patient Advocate / Admin Lead

Patient Advocate doesn’t even begin to describe Michelle’s integral role in our practice. Though her role is primarily known to be a bridge between the provider and patient to answer questions, you can make a laundry list of all the things she helps our staff and patients with on a daily basis. She wears many hats, which isn’t too far off from the job she had as a former high school teacher (plus being a mom of 4).

To quote it simply, she believes it was true “divine intervention” that the door was opened for her to join our team. She has demonstrated such leadership and compassion to everything she does. To be able to work in a faith-filled environment on a daily basis to minister to others and pray with them has been such a blessing to her. Combine that with being able to work with an incredible team and interact with our beloved patients, it has been an amazing and purposeful experience.

When not being the “office mom”, she loves being a mom to her kids alongside her husband, Humberto. Sports run heavily in the family, so she will be seen running around with them, cheering them on in any sport they participate in.


Store and IV Associate

While relatively new to our team, Brant has fully immersed himself in the medical realm for about 4 years. Before that, he was a middle school science teacher for more than 20 years, but was always fascinated by the medical field, thus prompted the switch in career paths. One of his passions has always been to help people so in some ways, his jump from helping kids to helping patients with their health is not that far off!

Brant handles much of the supplement sales and always makes sure that our patients, especially our IV ones, feel supported and cared for optimally and personably. As he has been working here, he has been learning something new every day, which always excites him. He also enjoys seeing the teamwork it takes to support everyone from patients to staff.

Along with learning new things, he loves traveling and animals, both of which he enjoys with his wife.


Design & Marketing Administrator

Evelyn has been with the Whole Health family for about 2 years now. You wouldn’t believe it when we say that she studied both her undergrad and master’s in Education! After being a teacher for 5 years, the Lord called her to move elsewhere. Unexpectedly taking a gap year, doing temporary jobs in between, she then was introduced to job openings at Whole Health through a mutual connection. Long story short, she has molded into her role of Design and Marketing Administrator. She manages graphical designs, delegates our supplement store business, and markets for all the things we offer and continue to expand to offer at Whole Health. She is discovering new passions, gifts, and skills as well as developing old ones through her job and enjoys helping even in the smallest of details.

Evelyn enjoys serving in her home church, listening to worship music, spending time with the ones she loves, and eating her favorite foods and cuisines. She hopes to travel more in the future as she also loves exploring nature and God’s creation.

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